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The following is a list of the most common words we have found used in articles, papers, and in correspondence with us, on the issue of controversial or challenged books in K-12 schools. Words associated with book titles and authors are not included.

100 1990-1999 1990's 90's AASL abortion abuse abused ACLU acquire action adult adults advocate affect affected against age agenda ALA Alabama Alaska allow allowed alternate America American amoral anal and anthology anti anti-banning anti-book anti-censorship any anything anything-goes appropriate appropriateness approval approve are Arizona Arkansas article articles as assault assaulted association at attitudes aware awareness bad ban banned banners banning be beliefs best bias biased birth bisexual board book books boy boys burn burning California castrated castration censor censored censoring censors censorship challenge challenged chart charts child children children's choice choose Christian class classroom collect collection Colorado come coming common community complain complained complete completely Connecticut consent consider considered constant constitution contain contains content contraception control controversial controversy core county cull curriculum curse cursing dark DC decency decent definition Delaware demonic department derogatory describe description despicable detail details diary discover discovered disgust disgusting district do document documented dollars done dyke edgy educate education educator educators educrat effect effected elementary English exactly excerpt excerpts explicit extreme extremely extremists Fairfax family FCCPTA FCPS female FFL fiction Florida for freedom friendly from fund funding funds f-word gay gays Georgia get gets getting girl girls goes good graph graphic graphs gross harass harassed harassment hard have Hawaii health high historical history Hollywood home homo homosexual how humanism I Idaho Illinois immoral in inappropriate indecent Indiana indoctrinate indoctrination inform informed instruct instruction instructor intellectual Iowa irate is it junior K-12 Kansas Kentucky know language law left leftist legal lesbian lesson lessons lewd librarian librarians libraries library life limit limits list lists literature Louisiana lurid mad magazine Maine male manual many Marxist Maryland Massachusetts material media Michigan middle Minnesota Mississippi Missouri molest molested Montana moral most much NATE nation national NEA Nebraska need needed Nevada new Hampshire new jersey new Mexico new York news non non-fiction north Carolina north Dakota not n-word object objectionable obscene obscenities occult of Ohio Oklahoma on oral Oregon organization orgasm out outrage outraged outrageous paper papers parent parental parents pedophile pedophilia Pennsylvania PG phrase poem poems policies policy porn pornographic pornography pre-teen pre-teens private pro pro-banned pro-banning pro-censorship process pro-family profane profanities pro-homosexual pro-life pro-smut prostitute prostitution PTA public purpose R racial rape rapist rate rated ratings rationale read readers reading reason reasons recommend recommended regulation regulations reject remove removed report response responsibility responsible restricted review reviewer reviewers reviews Rhode island right rights R-rated school schooling schools secular select selecting selection sex sexual short should situations slur smut soft south Carolina south Dakota speech speeches spew spewing standard standards satanic state statute stories story stream student students superintendent system taught tax taxpayer taxpayers teach teacher teachers teen teenager teenagers Tennessee Texas the themes to top topic topics totalitarian totalitarianism trample U.S. U.S.A. upfront US USA use Utah values VATE Vermont vile violence violent Virginia VSRA vulgar vulgarities Washington weed weeding west Virginia what when where which who why Wisconsin word worst Wyoming x x-rated YA young

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